Saturday, November 19, 2011


The way we are is because of the way they were. We've been raised and made to understand that this life is for working and making money to support the family you wont have time to love because youre stuck in a nine to five and theyre out preparing for their nine to five.
I refuse to accept that as my purpose. But habits die hard. Becuase today im gonna get up and go to that fucking job that does nothing but put this shit in my pocket that for some reason MAKES SHIT POSSIBLE.
And this isn't even me being lazy. I bust my ass for that place, and I seriously don't fucking need to. This isn't me not wanting to get up and do things I don't want to do, because honestly I think we've all been doing that for some time now.
This is me saying I dont want this. This is me saying I know what I want, but I dont know how to get there because that's not what I've been taught. I've been taught to do something completely different. I dont know how to get what I want. DO you? Is this what you want? Is this how you want ot live and is this how you think people should live?
I dont. But what am I supposed to do?

I've just been asking the wrong questions.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Merry Christmas

I go early Christmas shopping and then stuff like this happens.

I guess I thought I meant SELF Christmas shopping rather than for others. But there were some gifts sprinkled inside the bags I had stuffed with things for myself. It's like going to the malls is just always a bad idea. I'm so used to going to thrift stores and 'splurging'. The things there are just more suitable for me. Or my hair, I should say. Pre-loved and close to expiration. JUST like my hair. It's a match made in heaven. Or Haites, with hair like this. Off I go.. to somewhere.

Friday, October 28, 2011


My car died. Or she's dead, as I type this. It's very sad. I had to miss work and everything. I said "I'm attending my car's funeral today, I can't make it. Sorry." And they gave me their condolences. I love when people are understanding. UNDERSTAND THIS!:

CUTE. Every time I look at these photos I literally tear up cause its so cute and funny and I laugh. So much I tear up. I also took a shot of something not so cute.
Myself. And these shoes. More amazing than cute. The shoes I mean.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

if there's anyone out there

I'm feeling it. The Halloween spirit is here. And getting stronger as the days linger through. LINGER. And I just wish there were a hundred and one parties to go to so I could dress up as something different at each one. Can't Halloween be twice a year? So i can have twice as many Halloween shindigs to attend? Or can I at least make tons more friends? Something, anything'll do. I just can't decide what to be for Halloween.. it literally keeps me up at night. It's so sad. But I've been testing the waters a bit. Did some Day of The Dead face painting.. and some pin"pin-up"-ish hair and attitude.

IM SO EXCITED! Just so you know.. if there's anyone out there.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Big Purge

I feel... relaxed. Even with a giant pile of clothes at the corner of my room, I feel relaxed. It was as if something possessed me and compelled me to get rid of all the things I never really had the guts to before because maybe one day I'd "need it". I should have done this a long time ago! I feel like a new woman, ready to replace all that with only the few things I feel I should have in my closet. I'm thinking of doing a second round, but with different guidelines. I'm a monster.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Keep the change!

SO, today is officially the best day... this year I suppose haha. I got an email saying a got the job I applied for! I'm so excited! The past three weeks since the interview has really been a roller-coaster!
I filled out a form online.. an "interest form", not really expecting much. Then I received an email asking to fill out an actual application because they were interested. AWESOME. So I filled it out, rather hopeful now. The next day I got a call asking for an actual interview for that Friday. NERVE-WRECKING. I'm no good for being social. Or making eye contact.... or being exactly what people are looking for when they interview you haha. But surprisingly I felt ultra confident that they were going to call me back. She said if they were interested in my employment, I can expect a follow-up email on Wednesday. So I waited. Confident. I had this! This was IN THE BAG! No doubt in my mind. I stayed at my computer that entire day. Refreshing my email home page. Once it hit midnight, officially Thursday, I was devastated! Even my boyfriend felt bad for me! Spring break came and gone, and every time I saw the chain stores I applied to, I gave it little stank face... how dare they not hire me! haha. Then I got a SECOND phone call. Same store, asking for another interview. I was ecstatic, but it made no sense whatsoever. A second interview? So I called the store back and they said it was a "mistake". A MISTAKE?! Back down to miserable I went. And then today I got an email congratulating me and asking to accept or decline the job.

I'm so sorry if you found that completely pointless, but it was a horrible feeling! Especially since out of all the places I applied to I didn't get a call back. And the one interview I went to, I surprised myself considering I was witty and.. charming and stuff.

So now, I can spoil my boyfriend and buy him all the little things his heart desires. And take him out to eat. And say "No, put away your wallet, I'LL PAY," and say "I wear the pants" (even though I say it now) and actually mean it haha.

SORRY IF YOU READ ALL THIS AND REGRET IT! But, you're amazing. Know that:)

Anyhow, I guess I should explain the reason behind my titling. I'm so broke these days that my family/people I know literally give me their loose change! I'm not offended or ashamed or anything. I actually think it's sort of funny. And I must admit I get a little excited when I do get change. Something about putting my coin purse to use just makes me happy! Point is, they can keep their change hahaha. I'm SO clever.

Give up something?

So this whole Lent thing in my family and most of the people I know involves people giving up something. I'm not at all a religious person (Although I respect it and people's views), but I like the idea of giving something up. I contemplated a few times, and I guess I've come to a conclusion. MAKE-UP. I'm not doing this for religious purposes, just for myself. Plus what's the point of make-up if it's just going to sweat off!! What would you give up? Or what HAVE you given up?

Anyhow, last night I spent a few hours with my friend. I played sort of a model for him while he fooled around with my camera. Although a lot of the shots are rather horrid 'cause of the lighting, a few came out nicely! At least I think so haha.

Monday, February 28, 2011

today, today was a good day

After staying in for a few hours and hemming a load of clothes I had told myself I'd fix a YEAR ago, I decided to go out into the world, and see human life haha. And where better to do this than the local Goodwill thrift?! I had gotten there on the search for nothing really. I mean I haven't really thought about what sort of spring/summer staples I really want. I still have this 'winter wardrobe' mindset, yet Texas is at the summer HEAT stage. Catch up, mind of mine. Either way I bought a lightweight long sleeve with the cutest heart flower print... I guess you can call it a heart flower, I'm not really sure. But it's cute! And of course a bunch of little knickknacks that have no value to me.. other than their cuteness!



Every time I step into the thrift, I hope I find a pair of REAL docs, no matter if they're near death or perfectly brand new, as long as they're my size! And today was that day. Perfectly new green Docs. Did I mention NEW? :D They were more than every bill and coin I had in my pocket, but my brother came to the rescue. He pities me since I have no job, ha. But even if I did have the money, I'd give up 22$ for these babies any day.

Therefore, today's happiness and joy was brought to you by my lovely brother, Markeetos.
And of course, the thrift gods... they ARE upon us.